Getting Stuff Done in 2013

Getting Stuff Done in 2013 with a Moleskine NotebookLike everyone else, I start out the new year with a resolution. Mine’s not on such a grand scale as many others’ resolutions, such as to quit smoking, lose 100 lbs., get into a bikini by this summer, etc. My one goal was to simply become a little more organized. For me this meant making a list of tasks each day and tackling them.

Sure, there are an endless number of apps that can handle to-do lists, such as Apple’s own Reminders app, Remember the Milk, or Evernote. But personally, I hate having to type things into an app. I’m not sure if it’s just too easy to ignore, or I can’t be bothered typing something down, I’m not exactly sure. But I know that swiping and deleting a task just isn’t as satisfying as crossing it off a list.

This is why for 2013 I opted to buy a pocket-sized notebook, write down a list of tasks I want to accomplish by the end of the day, and then cross them off one by one as they’re done. Maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up with a cell phone and am used to doing things the traditional way. Maybe it’s the fact that I can easily glance at past weeks and months to see everything I’ve completed over the course of a year.

When choosing a notebook for this, there was only one choice: the Moleskine. I won’t get into its detailed history, but these little leather-bound books have been around for centuries. They come in hard cover and soft, large and small varieties, in daily, monthly, and plain paper styles, and in an assortment of colors as well. What I’m saying is simple: if you’re looking for an antiquated yet new way to manage your life, consider writing things down. You might find it a little more rewarding than yet another app on your cell phone.

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