What is Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee?

What is Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee?Without sounding too much like an advertisement or press release, Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee is unlike any coffee you’ve ever had before. It has literally taken its creator Dave Asprey years to determine the problems with the conventional coffee we drink, and then put into action the steps necessary to remedy these problems and create the ultimate coffee that’s not only delicious, but performance enhancing as well. Hence the name Upgraded Coffee.

One of the main reasons many of us start our days with a cup of coffee each morning is that we feel that it helps wake us up and the caffeine gives us a boost of energy to get us through until lunchtime. The largest problem Dave found with traditionally grown coffee beans is that they actually contain toxins that can ultimately make us feel worse than we would if we hadn’t had a cup of coffee at all. For many people, this can mean headaches, jitters, crankiness, and it could even make you more tired.

Upgraded Coffee is grown to have the lowest toxin content compared to traditional coffee. The beans are grown at high altitude in Guatemala on a Passive Organic family-owned farm, free of chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides. They are then hand-picked at the height of freshness and processed right after to ensure low levels of mycotoxins. This is a more expensive process compared to typical methods where beans are left outside to ferment and grow moldy simply because it’s easier to remove the outer layer of the bean.

After processing, the beans are then sent to the United States where they are roasted under the strictest of conditions in small batches. Such attention to detail ensures that Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee is crafted from what Dave Asprey believes are the ultimate coffee beans. As a result, Upgraded Coffee drinkers can produce at home what many feel is the ultimate coffee beverage.

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