Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Recipe

Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee RecipeHow you prepare Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee is not the same process you would take if you were making an average cup of Joe at home. The process is a little more time consuming and even has a few steps that will leave most people scratching their heads. But this recipe will produce what many people consider to be one of the best cups of coffee they’ve ever had.

What sets Upgraded Coffee apart from most cups of coffee is that it’s not ready to drink once it’s brewed. The Upgraded Coffee recipe actually starts with two cups of brewed coffee added to a preheated blender. Yes, a blender! Next, instead of cream and sugar, add about two tablespoons of grass-fed butter and 30 grams of Bulletproof Upgraded MCT oil, though any MCT oil will do. Finally, blend it until there’s a frothy head of foam. What your left with looks quite similar to a pint of Guinness.

It’s important when perparing Upgraded Coffee to use grass-fed butter and not salted butter. The grass-fed butter is a key ingredient because it’s actually much better for you than other butter. It contains healthy fats and actually optimizes your cholesterol rather than making it worse. You’ll notice you have much more energy and feel better than you would drinking Starbucks, for example.

Bulletproof Upgraded MCT Oil is actually an optional ingredient, though you could use coconut oil if you have that on hand instead. The idea behind adding either of these two ingredients is that it provides energy and helps you lose weight as well. Starting your day with a little bit added to your Upgraded Coffee could be just the kick you need to get you over the mid-morning hump until lunchtime without feeling groggy or sluggish.

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