Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Review

Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee ReviewI’ll admit that I was a little worried when I received my first order of Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee. Why? Because I bought five pounds of the stuff, so whether I liked it or not, I was going to drink it! Also, I was a little concerned with how the coffee was going to taste. I mean, I used to drink my coffee with cream and sugar, so it was going to be a big change for me going without both of those and instead substituting in grass-fed butter and Bulletproof Upgraded MCT oil.

I won’t get into the preparation of Upgraded Coffee, and I’ll get right to what you want to know: how did I like it compared to my regular coffee? Well, I like regular coffee, but Upgraded Coffee is on another level. I honestly didn’t think I would like it as much as I did. The grass-fed butter and MCT oil combined to make one of the creamiest, smoothest coffees that I’d ever tasted, and best of all, it was guilt-free.

So the first test was passed: I liked how it tasted. But did I notice any of the effects that Dave said I would? After my first cup, I did feel better. I had more energy, felt more alert, and I wasn’t looking at the clock by 10AM wondering when lunch would roll around. I now substitute breakfast with two cups of Upgraded Coffee along with the butter and MCT oil.

Is there a downside to the Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee? The only negative I can attribute to the product is the cost. Most people will find it expensive compared to what they’d find at the grocery store, costing just under $19 per bag from the Onnit website. But when you work out that a single up costs less than fifty cents, it suddenly seems more appealing than a $5 grande from Starbucks, and it will taste better too.

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