What is Pink Himalayan Salt?

What is Pink Himalayan Salt?You’re probably sick of me going on and on about Dave Asprey’s appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience by now. But Dave was on talking with Joe for about three hours and he was packed with useful information and an approach to health and weight loss that was completely new to me. Like the Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee I’ve written about on this blog before, Dave also talked about the benefits of Himalayan salt and why he takes a tablespoon of it each day.

What most of us think of as salt isn’t actually an organic product. In fact, the table salt we sprinkle on our french fries and roast chicken is artificially produced, devoid of any of the naturally occurring minerals that one would find in Himalayan salt, for instance. This is where iodized salt comes from: to put minerals back into the sodium chloride (table salt) we all keep on our kitchen tables.

The first thing you’ll notice about Himalayan is its striking pink color. This comes from the presence of the minerals that common table salt is lacking. The second thing you’ll notice is the taste. It’s not as harsh and biting as table salt and many find it much smoother on the palate. A good comparison to make is the difference between a fine, expensive, aged whiskey and a $5 bottle of swill.

When it comes to alcohol, age certainly makes a difference, and it applies to salt as well. The best pink Himalayan salt comes from mines that are a quarter of a billion (yes, billion with a B!) years old. This salt wasn’t produced in a factory with minerals added in later. The salt and its minerals were around long before we were, and long before they could ever be polluted or tainted by man and our pollution, chemicals, and industrial waste.

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