Kick Your Ass with Turkish Get-Ups

Kick Your Ass with Turkish Get-UpsThis is my second post about working out, and it’s yet another exercise with a silly name. But make no mistake, there’s nothing fun about Turkish Get-Ups. If you’re like myself and your workout regimen consists mainly of kettlebells, I suggest first attempting this without one. Once you’ve got the rhythm down, then add in a kettlebell and proceed to get your ass kicked.

A Turkish get-up is performed by standing with one hand over your head and one hand out to your side. You then slowly bring yourself down to one knee, and then carefully down on your back so you’re laying flat on the ground with one hand out to your side and the other still pointed straight up over your head. You then reverse the process standing back up again. Repeat. Again and again. Switch the leg which you first kneel down with and the arm over your head. Speaking of which, the arm over your head should remain as still as possible, and you should keep your eyes on it at all times.

I do Turkish Get-Ups two ways: allowing myself to put my elbow on the ground when laying down and getting back up, and I also do it with no hands. Generally I do the no-hands version when using a light kettlebell or no weight at all. The heavier the weight, then the added stability of having an elbow to lean on is definitely appreciated.

So what are the benefits of Turkish Get-Ups? For one, it requires your entire body and all of its muscles to accomplish. Your core gets a serious workout since it’s stabilizing your body throughout the exercise. You work towards improving shoulder stability and hip mobility and extension. It’s a great from top to bottom, and doesn’t even require any equpiment—if you don’t have a kettlebell, do it without, or grab a book, bag of sugar, or something else with a bit of weight.

Check out a couple of Turkish Get-Up examples after the jump. One with hands and one without:

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