Tanka Bars Review

Tanka Bars Buffalo Bars ReviewTanka Bars are unlike any other bar you’ve eaten in your life, be it a granola, chocolate, or energy bar. What sets Tanka Bars apart from all the others is that they’re made with meat! It may sound like something new and completely foreign, but the recipe for Tanka Bars is based on a Lakota Indian recipe that’s centuries old, using fruit to actually preserve the dried meat in the bar.

Sounds a little strange, right? Well, things get a little stranger. The Tanka Bar recipe doesn’t include beef, chicken, or pork. Instead, the bars are made with organic buffalo meat! As I mentioned, the recipe is centuries old, originally based on the recipe for something called “wasna”. Traditionally, wasna was eaten by hunters and warriors with its protein providing a quick boost of energy. But that doesn’t mean that we too can’t benefit from this delicious and healthy snack in the 21st century.

Tanka Bars are free of a lot of things: gluten, nitrates, MSG, hormones, and dairy products. With an ever increasing amount of people developing allergies to both gluten and dairy products, it can oftentimes be difficult to find a snack that is free of both while still being tasty. A Tanka Bar meets this criteria.

So how exactly do they taste? Honestly, I’ve replaced all granola bars, energy bars, and chocolate bars with them. I’ve always been more of a salty over sweet person, opting for beef jerky over licorice any day. In a way, Tanka Bars satisfies both of those cravings. The meat is soft and smoky, the tart cranberries add a bit of sweetness, a dash of garlic and onion balance it out, and a blend of jalapeno and habanero peppers adds a welcome kick of heat. It’s like everything I look for in a snack food has been mashed together while amazingly, it somehow manages to taste delicious. I cannot recommend Tanka Bars enough!

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