Onnit Kettlebells

Onnit KettlebellsI’ve been writing about Onnit a lot lately, mainly because it seems like it’s releasing a new product every week or so! This week, it’s kettlebells. Yes, Onnit has sold kettlebells for a long while now, but I believe that the kettlebells available were another brand. Much like how they sell Blendtec blenders and don’t have an Onnit brand blender. Well, now Onnit has introduced a series of kettlebells that are good enough to carry the Onnit name.

Appearance wise, Onnit kettlebells feature classic kettlebell styling. Like Joe Rogan says, they’re cannonballs with handles attached to them. They feature a chip-resistant coating suitable for indoor or outdoor use at the gym or the home. These are real kettlebells, not those rubber-coated ones with grooves in them for your legs and arms that you see Jillian Michaels swinging around on The Biggest Loser.

I’ve mentioned before that I use a 20 lb. kettlebell in my workouts and could move up to a 25 or 30 lb. kettlebell for more of a challenge. The thought of that weight seems daunting enough to me, yet Onnit has kettlebells that start at a modest 15 lbs. and go all the way to 90 lbs. I couldn’t imagine tossing those around, but some people do!

To wrap things up, I encourage anyone who’s looking for a new exercise routine that combines cardio with muscle-building exercises to give Onnit kettlebells a try. It’s the one exercise I’ve found that I’ve been able to stick to because not only does it kick my ass, it’s fun to do and makes me feel better too. If you’re still on the fence, check out this great introduction video after the break:

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