Onnit Steel Clubs and Maces

Onnit Steel Clubs and MacesLast night I received an email from Onnit about two new products its carrying: Onnit Steel Clubs and Onnit Maces. The steel club is basically what you would expect: something that looks like a baseball bat with a ball at the end, but it’s made of solid steel. As far as the mase goes, I had visions of a spiky ball on a chain that you swing around. That’s not exactly the case.

The steel club is apparently an ancient Persian fitness tool for training and conditioning soldiers and wrestlers. The Onnit Steel Clubs (in 5, 10, and 15 lb. Sizes) are meant to be swung around to exercise the shoulders, core, and enhance grip strength. The clubs are crafted from a solid piece of steel rather than iron and plastic, and they feature a chip-resistant coating, much like the Onnit Kettlebells. They are highly resistant to any rusting or denting, so feel free to use and store them outdoors without worry.

The mace (or Gada, meaning “heavy mace”) is also a fitness tool of Persian descent for warriors and wrestlers. The Onnit Maces are also long steel cylinders, but with a solid ball at the end of each mace. This ball displaces the weight of the club to one end, making it a challenging instrument for our stabilizer muscles, joints and core. The maces also come in three sizes (10, 15, and 20 lb. varieties) and are crafted from a solid piece of steel with a chip-resistant coating.

I’m always looking for new tools and methods to exercise that are a little different from the standard weights and treadmills that you’d find at a gym. I plan on picking up a couple of the Onnit Steel Clubs and one of the Onnit Maces, and I’ll report back soon with reviews for each. Thankfully, the Onnit website has a list of exercises to do with each so there’s no need to look for a DVD of steel club or mace exercises, because I’m pretty sure such a thing doesn’t exist!

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