How to Prevent a Hangover (And Feel Better the Day After)

How to Prevent a Hangover (And Feel Better the Next Day)Sunday morning after having a few too many rum and cokes the night before while watching the UFC, I started to wonder if there was anything I could do that would help prevent a hangover, or at least reduce the symptoms. As I get older I find that my hangovers are getting worse. No longer do I wake up with a mild headache after a night of pounding back beers. Now the whole next day could be a write-off as I lay in bed sleeping the day away, vowing that I’ll never drink like that again.

Of course I’ll drink like that again, but I’ll take some preventative measures, such as drinking more water. Everyone knows that a large part of the hangover is the dehydration from the alcohol. By havingĀ  a glass of water in between each of my alcoholic drinks, I reduce the amount of dehydration. I’ll also chug back a couple more glasses right before bed and hope for the best.

I used to reach for sports drinks like Gatorade the next day, but coconut water–such as Joe Rogan’s favorite C2O coconut water–provides the same benefits while being much healthier for you. Coconut water is comprised of (surprise!) mostly water, it’s low in calories, full of minerals our bodies need, and balanced out with electrolytes. Having a few cans chilling in your fridge for the next day will not only make you feel better, you can recover while knowing that your body is taking in vitamins and minerals that it needs rather than corn syrup, chemicals, and food dyes it doesn’t require.

That covers the hydration part of a hangover, but I also wake up starving. I’m usually craving pizza which works for me because it’s salty so it helps me retain water, lots of meat on top will provide me with protein, and it’s got a lot of carbs to raise my blood sugar to help reduce that groggy feeling. These are the three things you should consider when choosing a hangover meal: salt, protein, and carbs. Fortunately, there are a lot of delicious things that hit all those bases, so just remember to hydrate, eat, and you’ll slowly start to feel better.

What’s the one so-called cure that doesn’t work? Drinking more alcohol. Don’t do it! It will only make you feel worse and dehydrate you further.