How Does the Onnit Testosterone Supplement Work?

How Does the Onnit Testosterone Supplement Work?I touched briefly in an earlier blog post about how Onnit T+ testosterone supplement works, but today I’m going to delve a little deeper into it, since this is a topic that I know many men are interested in. In fact, since I first wrote about T+ a week ago, it’s been the most popular post on my site and Tight Lightning has had its busiest day since that post. That alone was enough motivation for me to explore the topic a little further for you guys.

First off, T+ works by boosting testosterone production internally rather than increasing it from an external source, like testosterone replacement therapy. It does this with a few ingredients. The first is mucuna pruriens (a tropical bean found in Africa, India, and the Carribean) which naturally boosts dopamine levels, an integral part of hormone production. Next is eurycoma longifolia, a flowering plant native to Indonesia and Malaysia, which enhances the body’s synthesis of androgens produced by the testes. Finally, magnesium aspartic acid (magnesium combined with D-aspartic acid) helps the body increase its free testosterone.

Sounds like magic, right? Well, there’s more going on behind the scenes as well, because T+ also works to reduce the amount of estrogen in the body. While men do need estrogen in the body, too much or too little can cause health problems, such as prostate cancer, weight gain, and erectile dysfunction. Increasing testosterone and reducing excess estrogen brings the body to a healthy, virile balance.

A lot of athletes are enamored with boosting testosterone levels for a number of reasons, one being that it stimulates muscle growth. What Onnit T+ testosterone supplement adds to the mix is beta-alanine and branched chain amino acids, both of which help with fatigue and muscle aches and pains post-workout. So not only can it help you look your best, you’ll feel better during the improvement process as well.