Onnit T+ Review

Onnit T+ Natural Testosterone Boosting SupplementWhen I first heard that Onnit was releasing a natural testosterone booster supplement, I was very excited. I didn’t necessarily feel that my libido was waning in my old age or that I had a build-up of feminine hormones surging through my body that I needed to expel, but I wanted a boost or an edge when it came to my workouts. After nearly a week on it (get it?), I can say that the Onnit T+ testosterone supplement (now called Total Strength + Performance) was worth the wait.

Don’t think that if you take T+ you’re any less of a man. You take it because you want to become even more manly than you already are! I have found that before any physical activity, whether it’s an intense kettlebell session or a swim in my pool, I have increased energy and stamina. There are points I used to hit in my kettlebell DVDs that I would dread, but now I’m blasting through them like the Hulk. Overall, I just feel like I have more energy to get through the day, when on other days I would feel lethargic and lack the motivation to do much of anything.

After my workouts, I find that I’m recovering quicker as well. I’m assuming this can be attributed to the inclusion of beta-alanine and branched amino acids. One thing worth mentioning is that this is a performance enhancer that doesn’t give you a “buzzed” feeling, for lack of a better word. I didn’t have any trouble relaxing on the days that was using T+ and I had no trouble sleeping either.

I’m sure at this point in the review some of you are wondering if there are any downsides to T+. I struggled to find something, and if I have to nitpick, I’ll narrow it down to the taste. I tried it with just water and can’t quite describe what it tasted like, but it was strong, and it wasn’t good. I’m now just dumping the serving in with my morning kale shake and drinking it that way.

I can say that without a doubt, for me and my body, the benefits I felt from Onnit’s T+ testosterone supplement were tangible and not a placebo. I realize that I’m pumping this stuff pretty hard, but I’m genuinely excited about it, and look forward to combining it with Shroom Tech Sport for some next level energy. I’ll report back soon after I try that and let you guys know how that combo works.