Mixing Onnit T+ with Shroom Tech Sport

Mixing Onnit T+ with Shroom Tech SportAs I talked about in my Onnit T+ review, I get a noticeable increase in my energy and stamina levels whenever I take the Onnit T+ testosterone booster. Although I haven’t written a review of Shroom Tech Sport yet, I was taking it for a long while with tremendous results up until I started taking T+, at which point I stopped Shroom Tech Sport in favor of T+. That got me thinking though, Shroom Tech Sport was giving me a lot of natural energy, as was the T+ testosterone supplement. Why don’t I try both at the same time and go beast mode during my workouts?

I wouldn’t say I was a little scared to mix the two supplements, but I was a little apprehensive. I didn’t want to get to the point where I was jittery and uncomfortable and unable to do my exercises effectively. Fortunately though, that didn’t happen. After popping two Shroom Tech Sport capsules and washing it down with T+ mixed in with my morning kale shake, I waited a half hour for the effects to kick in before I started my workout.

I know my body can feel different from day to day depending on how much sleep I’ve had and other factors, so I put on a kettlebell DVD that I’ve done a hundred times before. I figured that this would give me a good baseline as I already know at what points I’d start to fade away and look at the clock to see how much time is left. For instance, there are points in my kettlebell DVD where I have to resist pausing the video to take a break. With my Onnit cocktail of T+ and Shroom Tech Sport, on this particular day, that didn’t happen.

So can I say without a doubt that combining the Onnit T+ testosterone booster and Shroom Tech Sport took my energy, stamina, and endurance to the next level? It certainly felt like it to me. Was this because I willed the extra energy because I expected it? Perhaps, but I’m more of a skeptic than an optimist, so I didn’t expect to feel any next level energy, but I did.  That being said, I do not recommend mixing the two and then not exercising. I can only imagine the cold sweats and shakes you would break out in, so if you plan on mixing Onnit T+ with Shroom Tech Sport, I’d say give it a try, but only if you plan on doing a serious workout afterwards.