Onnit Steel Mace Exercises and Workouts

Onnit Steel Mace ExercisesUnless you’re a serious workout freak, participate in crossfit, or if you’re training for the UFC, you’ve probably never used a steel mace before. That’s exactly the predicament I was in when I first received my Onnit Steel Mace in the mail. Fortunately the Onnit website did have a list of steel mace exercises and workout routines to do. But, like I mentioned in my review, I didn’t know how to properly perform them!

What I’m going to do in this post is breakdown exactly how to do a variety of steel mace exercises, thanks to some helpful folks on YouTube. First we’ll get started with the Librarian to Barbarian workout which uses only a steel mace. Check out a list of the exercises and videos after the jump:

  • Begin with 20 barbarian squats:
  • Next do one minute of 10 to 2s:
  • After that, back to barbarian squats for 25 reps.
  • Now onto one minute of ballistic curls:
  • Back to barbarian squats for 30 reps.
  • End with 12 360s on each side:

And here’s a bullet list of the steel mace workout if you want to print them out after you understand how to do the exercises:

  • Barbarian Squats (20 reps)
  • 10 to 2 (1 Minute)
  • Barbarian Squats (25 Reps)
  • Ballistic Curls (1 Minute)
  • Barbarian Squats (30 Reps)
  • 360 (12 Reps Per Side)

OK, so that takes care of Librarian to Barbarian! Now onto Hammer Time, which requires not only a steel mace but a tire as well. You can either use a giant tire lying on the ground, a large tire cut in half and standing upright, or put one tire inside of another one. Here we go:

  • Start with sledge hammers for 30 seconds on your right side:
  • Then onto grave diggers for 30 seconds on your right side:
  • Then back to the sledge hammers for 30 seconds on your left side.
  • And back to the grave diggers for 30 seconds on your left side.
  • Then, end with 50 touches in the kayak position:

I couldn’t find a video of someone using a mace on a tire for the sledge hammers example, but it’s the same using an actual sledge hammer on a tire, so you’ll get the idea! Below you’ll find a bullet point list of the Hammer Time steel mace exercises after you’ve mastered Librarian to Barbarian:

  • Sledge Hammers (30 Seconds Right Side)
  • Grave Diggers (30 Seconds Right Side)
  • Sledge Hammers (30 Seconds Left Side)
  • Grave Diggers (30 Seconds Left Side)
  • Kayak (50 touches)

As I said in my review, I’m loving the Onnit Steel Mace. I had never used one before but it’s another great way to build up functional core strength. It’s fun too! It definitely takes out a lot of anger, aggression, and frustration to be beating on a tire. I’m also enjoying using the Onnit Steel Mace to breakup the rest of my workout routine. It’s an inexpensive way to add a variety of exercises to my regimen that I can do at home at very little cost.