Onnit in Canada

Onnit in CanadaIf you’re a dedicated listener of The Joe Rogan Experience like myself, you’ve surely heard him talk at the start of each podcast about Onnit products. Everything from Alpha Brain, New Mood, kettle bells, Battle Ropes, and on and on…

If you’re a REALLY dedicated listener of the podcast, you’ve likely become curious about some of these products. It’s hard not to wonder about them really, as he’s not so much selling them as he is recommending them to his listeners to help improve their lives. After all, he does say Onnit (a company of which Joe Rogan is a part-owner, by the way) only sells products that he believes in. Products that he himself uses and benefits from.

As per the website, Onnit ships its products to Canadians via FedEx. Because of this, you will be charged an advancement fee along with taxes. The advancement fee is about $10, and from what I understand is essentially a service charge that FedEx applies to your order because they pay the taxes and duty for your package in advance. You then owe FedEx the cost of taxes and duty along with the advancement fee. The cost of taxes will depend on the total amount of your order and the province that you’re located in. As for the duty, I believe that’s a 7% charge if I’m reading the FedEx site correctly.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid this advancement fee. If you call FedEx, you can create an account and link a credit card to it. This way when a package from Onnit or any other US-based retailer comes into Canada via FedEx, your credit card is charged the taxes and duty directly. This eliminates the $10 advancement fee since FedEx isn’t paying the taxes and duty in advance for you.

An easy way to calculate how much you’ll be charged when your Onnit order enters Canada is to calculate 7% of the cost of your order and find the total. Then apply the taxes for your province for the total. For someone located in Ontario, a $50 order would total $53.50 with duty, and then with 13% sales tax applied, would cost $60.46. Add on approximately $10 for the advancement fee, and the total becomes $70.46. So, as you can see, it’s worth spending a few minutes calling FedEx to link a credit card to your address and skipping the FedEx advancement fee.