Other Uses for Coconut Oil

Other Uses for Coconut OilIn the past I’ve blogged about the health benefits of coconut oil and how to cook with it and add it to your hulk loads shakes or Bulletproof Coffee. But there are many other uses for coconut oil, things you can do that don’t involve ingesting it. That’s right, you can use it on your hair, on your skin, and even as a lubricant during sexy-time.

You know your hair always looks and feels a bit better the day after you wash it? A small dab of coconut oil on your hand rubbed into your washed, dry hair will help your hair look and feel that way. It also will moisturize and help you control your hair instead of resorting to chemical-filled gel or mousse.

Coconut oil is also a great moisturizer for the body. The protein and vitamins help keep your skin feeling and looking healthy both inside and out. It can be used virtually everywhere too, as an anti-aging cream for the face, to soothe dry and cracked hands and feet, and even on your lips as a replacement for Chapstick as well.

If you’ve tried using (ahem!) sexual lubricant in the past but found it too greasy, smelly, or it reacted negatively to your skin, give coconut oil a try. Rub a bit around in your hands and then apply it to whatever part of the body or toy needs lubrication. It’s natural, it tastes good, and because it’s oil-based, it will last longer than other water-based lubricants. It must be noted though that you can’t use coconut oil with a condom, as coconut oil will degrade latex!

If you’re rubbing coconut oil on your hair, skin, and on your nether regions, you may want to think about picking up a couple of extra jars. Keep one in the kitchen for food preparation and one in the bathroom as a beauty aid. Depending on how often you’re making magic happen in the bedroom, you might want to keep one on your bedside table as well for a natural lubricant that not only works, but tastes good as well!

When choosing a coconut oil to use on your body, you’ll want to look for a couple of things: organic ensures that no chemicals or pesticides were used on the coconuts while they were growing. Extra virgin ensures that the coconut oil is made with fresh, raw coconuts with no chemicals added during the oil extraction process. This ensues a natural, healthy product that is safe for eating and for using in other ways as well. Onnit’s premium organic extra-virgin coconut oil fits the bill perfectly.