Onnit Killer Bee Honey Review

Onnit Killer Bee Honey ReviewThe killer bee honey available at Onnit is a product by a company called Once Again. This Dawes Hill Killer Bee Honey is grade A, pure, raw, and organic. Harvested by the indiginous people of the Amazon in South America, this honey is about as natural and untouched as you can buy. The next best thing would be purchasing local honey straight from a bee keeper, but chances are it won’t come from killer bees!

Joe Rogan has talked about this killer bee honey on his podcast many times. As he says, is honey better if it comes from killer bees compared to just regular ol’ honey bees? Well no, not really. There are no added nutritional benefits, but it is infinitely more bad ass to say that you eat killer bee honey!

Onnit says that this killer bee honey is like the difference between a cheap lager and a quality stout, and I would have to agree. Like a good beer, there are many layers to the flavor of the Once Again killer bee honey, with notes of molasses, cinnamon, and cocoa. After consuming only the cheapest store-bought honey, I can say that this is some of the best tasting honey I have ever tried.

The great thing about Once Again Dawes Hill Killer Bee Honey is that it is so versatile. Spread it on toast, add it to your tea, or put some in your morning shake. It’s packed with vitamins and enzymes so it’s not only delicious, but good for you as well. For more information on the health benefits of honey, check out my earlier blog post that outlines the many advantages to adding honey to your diet.