Onnit Alpha Brain Review

Onnit Alpha Brain ReviewAlpha Brain is the cornerstone of Onnit’s product line. Anyone who’s listened to The Joe Rogan Experience podcast has heard Joe speak about the product’s benefits for years now. Sure, you could take his word for it, but as a part owner of the company he must be hyping things up a bit, right? Well, if that’s what you think, you’d be wrong.

Alpha Brain is a nootropic, or what some people call “brain food” or a “smart drug”. Alpha Brain is no drug though, but rather a supplement designed to help your brain work better. It contains essential vitamins and nutrients that your brain requires to function more efficiently. If you’ve ever had days where you just felt slightly off or a little cloudy, Alpha Brain was designed for someone like you.

The benefits of Alpha Brain are plentiful. Your ability to focus on tasks can increases, along with your determination. Many people find memory is boosted as well. Not only the ability to absorb and retain information, but the power to recall things as well. If you find you often stumble over your words or speak with long pauses, Alpha Brain could help you speak more clearly and form words in your head before you speak them. Of course, many people experience fantastic lucid dreams and deep REM sleep as well.

So what type of people can benefit from taking Alpha Brain everyday? Basically anyone who uses their brain, to put it bluntly. Students, video gamers, DJs, public speakers, and even those who have just have trouble speaking clearly and concisely. Regardless of your financial status, job title, or hobbies, you will likely find that Alpha Brain can benefit your cognition immensely.

What I like about Alpha Brain is that it’s natural, and while I’m not a vegetarian, it’s nice to know that the capsules are vegetarian-friendly. I also like how sharp I feel mentally. When I’m tired and feel like I’m fading away, Alpha Brain helps me stay focused. My mind doesn’t drift away, and I can concentrate fully on what I’m doing and my communication doesn’t suffer. In fact, it improves when I take Alpha Brain.

I’ve been taking Alpha Brain for a long while now, sometimes just a couple per day, other times I’ll pop three or four depending on how I’m feeling or what I’ve got planned on that particular day. I take a lot of supplements and vitamins each day, but the one constant that I take each day is Alpha Brain. While there is no “crash” or side effects from taking Alpha Brain, I do notice a difference when I’m not taking it.

Some people find that Alpha Brain may not work for them, and I feel sorry for them. Alpha Brain is no placebo. After first taking it, I felt the effects almost immediately, not only while I was awake, but when I was asleep as well. I thought the talk of lucid dreams was simply hyperbole, but that was not the case. Alpha Brain gave me some of the most vivid, intense dreams I’ve ever had in my life. Waking up, I could remember nearly everything as if it really happened. Having such a deep sleep allowed me to wake up feeling more refreshed, too. No longer do I wake up and feel like I need another half an hour of sleep. I’m ready to take on the day.

You know that movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper? Alpha Brain kind of makes me feel like that, but of course not as exaggerated. You won’t become the smartest man alive when you take Alpha Brain. But you’ll certainly feel like you could be if you wanted to be! Sure, this might seem like an exaggeration, but all you can do is take my word for it and give Alpha Brain a try. Onnit is so confident that you’ll feel the positive effects of its nootropic, it offers a money back guarantee. That alone speaks volumes about the product.