How Many Alpha Brains Does Joe Rogan Take?

How Many Alpha Brains Does Joe Rogan Take?One of the many benefits of taking Alpha Brain is the ability to form sentences better and speak more articulately. Joe Rogan says it helps his brain fire at a higher RPM, which is certainly beneficial for someone in his position who spends the vast majority of his working life talking. Whether it’s performing stand-up, commentating for the UFC, or interviewing guests on his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience or on his new television show Joe Rogan Questions Everything, Alpha Brain gives Joe the edge he needs.

Recently Joe mentioned during a podcast that he takes four Alpha Brains before he does a podcast or before he gets on stage. He said that Onnit had changed the formula a while back and that he used to only take two or three, but has now increased it to three or four capsules. So what exactly changed in the Alpha Brain formula?

A new and updated version of Alpha Brain was released at the beginning of summer 2012, at which time the classic Alpha Brain formula was phased out. The original formula was altered slightly with the addition of three new ingredients: L-theanine, L-tyrosine, and phosphatidylserine. Three existing ingredients (bacopa, oat straw, and GPC) also had their potency tweaked slightly due to the inclusion of the new ingredients.

Joe Rogan is a savage who needs a handful of Alpha Brains, but by no means will you need that many. In fact, Onnit suggests spacing them out a little more. Try taking one or two Alpha Brains in the morning, and another one or two capsules a few hours before bed to enhance your dream state. How Onnit’s Alpha Brain will affect you won’t be the same as everyone else, so it’s likely a good idea to start with one capsule in the morning and increase it the next day to two if you don’t feel the effects strongly enough.