Coco Cafe Coconut Water Espresso Cafe Latte Review

Coco Cafe Coconut Water Espresso Cafe Latte ReviewFor a long while Joe Rogan’s go-to coconut water beverage was C2O coconut water. Lately though, you may have heard Joe on his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience talking about a new coconut water instead of his beloved C20. This particular coconut water is a little different though, and features a delicious twist that sets it apart from the others.

The coconut water I’m talking about is Coco Cafe, a coconut water/espresso cafe latte drink. I would describe the taste as the perfect blend of coconut water and coffee. It’s definitely not as strong as drinking a cup of coffee, nor is it like drinking a straight coconut water. Even if you don’t like coconut water but enjoy drinking a cup of coffee, you’ll likely find Coco Cafe hits the spot.

What I like about Cocoa Cafe aside from the delicious taste is that it gives me the jolt that coffee provides without dehydrating me the way that coffee does. In fact, coconut water does the opposite: it provides you with hydration much like a sports drink but without the chemicals. It seems like the two would cancel each other out, but it really does give me a kick and doesn’t leave me feeling thirsty afterwards.

While Coco Cafe is not a 100% organic product, it is made with 100% all natural whole ingredients, including coconut water, organic cane juice, low fat milk, and certified fair trade organic coffee. It also doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners or colors. What it does provide you with is five essential electrolytes: potassium (one serving has more than a banana!), sodium, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorous.

I’d recommend Coco Cafe coconut water cafe latte to virtually everyone: coffee drinkers, people who love coconut water, people who’ve tried coconut water and didn’t like it, and people who like iced coffees as well. A lot of people who have tried Coco Cafe have replaced their expensive Starbucks iced drinks with a Coco Cafe coconut water cafe late instead, which is far healthier and has much fewer calories, containing only 140 calories per 11.1 oz (or 328 ml) serving. At less than $2 per Coco Cafe, it’s also a lot cheaper than a Starbucks drink!