Save Up to 10% Off Your Next Onnit Order

Save Up to 10% Off Your Next Onnit OrderI try to limit my posting to weekdays when I have time to spare so I can devote the weekend to my family, but I wanted to let you guys know about another Onnit sale that’s going on right now.

I received an email from Onnit last night about a new promotion they have going on. This one is called The More You Spend, the More You Save. Sure, it sounds like a ploy to get you to spend more money, which I suppose it is, but it will shave up to 10% off your purchases, no Onnit coupon code required.

The Onnit deal works like this: spend $150 and you get 5% off your total purchase. Spend $200 and you save 10% on your total purchase. These savings are on top of any discounts that are currently on the site, and the discount applies to food products and fitness products too. Normally fitness products like the primal bells, kettlebells, battle ropes, steel maces and steel clubs are excluded, but not this time!

If you’ve been debating ordering any of the fitness equipment, now would be a good time to pull the trigger. It’s also a good opportunity to stock up on any of the foods or supplements that you’ll need to refill in the future. Order a couple extra jars of Hemp Force protein powder, T+ testosterone booster, or Alpha Brain capsules to ensure you don’t run out anytime soon. I’m going to order more of the Onnit TPC (Total Primate Care) since it’s got everything I need in two daily pouches.

This is a limited time offer, though I’m not sure exactly when it ends.