Count Your Calories with Google

Count Your Calories with GoogleYears ago before the advent of smartphones–which was also the time before I started exercising regularly–I used to count my calories. I had a program on my computer that would do it, and it did have a lot of foods in its database but there were always some foods that it wouldn’t have. At that point, I’d have to Google it, find a website with the right information, and then plug that back into the program. It was cumbersome to say the least.

While I no longer count calories, those of you who do will appreciate a new feature that Google rolled out about a week ago. You know how you can Google the name of a band or a movie and along the right side of the page information will be displayed for you? Google now does that with foods. Not all foods of course, but about 1,000 food items currently. So you can Google “how many calories in an apple?” and you’ll be presented with a wide range of nutritional information along the right side with the calorie count above the search results.

It’s hard to see in the screenshot, but there’s a drop down menu where you can choose the type of apple (boiled, microwaved, peeled) and the quantity (in grams, or by size) and the calorie count will update for you. This is really handy for anyone who’s casually counting their calories, cooking but trying to stay healthy, or anyone who’s curious about how many calories they’re actually taking in each day.

This feature has only been active on Google for about a week with around 1,000 foods and drinks currently in the database. Even alcohol is in there if you’re wondering what alcoholic beverage has the least amount of calories, but I’m pretty sure it’s a vodka tonic since most girls at a bar will order that. Nevertheless, check out Google for nutritional information and calorie counts if you haven’t yet!