A Closer Look at Bolthouse Farms Smoothies

A Closer Look at Bolthouse Farms SmoothiesI first wrote about Bolthouse Farms a few months ago because I use its juices and blends in my smoothies so I won’t have to prepare many different fruits and vegetables myself. It turns out that a lot of people are curious about whether the company’s juices and smoothies are healthy or if they’re junk food in disguise. I’d have to say they would fall into the former category, but today I’m going to flip over the bottles and take a by the numbers look at Bolthouse Farms smoothies.

The serving size for all the Bolthouse Farms smoothies is 8 fl. oz. which is 240ml. The Bolthouse Farms smoothies with the least amount of calories are the Berry Boost and Strawberry Banana smoothies with 130 calories per serving. Next is Green Goodness and Multi-V Goodness with 140 calories per serving, followed by Amazing Mango with 150 calories, and then Blue Goodness and C-Boost with 160 calories per serving. If you’re watching your weight and counting calories, I can recommend the Strawberry Banana. It’s delicious!

In terms of sugars, the Bolthouse Farms smoothie with the least amount of sugar is Berry Boost with only 16g of sugar per serving. Next is Strawberry Banana with 22g of sugar, followed by Multi-V Goodness with 25g of sugar, Blue Goodness with 29g of sugar, Green Goodness with 30g, C-Boost with 32g, and Amazing Mango with 34g of sugar. By comparison, an equal 8 fl. oz. serving of your favorite brand of cola has about 22g of sugar. Of course, the sugar found in Bolthouse Farms comes from the fruit itself and isn’t added in for additional sweetness. These numbers are interesting because out of all of these, I’d have to put Berry Boost at the bottom of my list in terms of taste.

In terms of fiber, all the Bolthouse Farms smoothies are about the same with 1-2g of fiber per serving, with Multi-V Goodness being the exception as it has 8g of fiber per serving. Talking protein, Green Goodness packs the most with a miniscule 2g of protein per serving with the rest of the smoothies containing 1g of protein per serving. The majority of the Bolthouse Farms smoothies do not contain any fat, with C-Boost being the exception with 0.5g of fat per serving.

I think what these numbers show is that Bolthouse Farms smoothies are a good starting point for a smoothie. You’ll want to add in other ingredients for fiber (myself and many others use kale) and if you’re looking for protein, maybe look for a protein powder. I add in a couple scoops of Hemp Force to all my smoothies and that adds a bit of flavor and the protein that the Bolthouse Farms smoothies are lacking.