A Closer Look at Bolthouse Farms Juices

A Closer Look at Bolthouse Farms JuicesYesterday I took a look at Bolthouse Farms smoothies to break down each flavor based on a few factors, such as calories, sugar content, fiber, protein, etc. Today I’m going to do the same thing, but with some of the Bolthouse Farms juices. While I personally haven’t tried any of the Bolthouse Farms juices, I was curious to see how they stacked up to the smoothies from a health standpoint.

Just like the smoothies, the serving size for all the Bolthouse Farms juices is 8 fl. oz. which is 240ml. In terms of calories, the Bolthouse juices with the least calories for an 8 fl. oz. serving are the Mango Coconut Splash with 60 calories, 100% Carrot and Organic Carrot with 70, and Daily Greens with 90 calories. Acai Pomegranate and Passion Orange Guava have the most calories per serving at 170, with the rest falling somewhere in the middle.

Interestingly, some of the Bolthouse Farms Juices are sweetened, either with cane sugar or with stevia, while others are not. The Bolthouse Farms juices with the least amount of sugar are 100% Carrot, Organic Carrot, and Mango Coconut Splash with only 13g of sugar each, with the Mango Coconut Splash being the only of the three that’s sweetened with stevia. Acai Pomegranate has the most with 37g of sugar, next is Passion Orange Guava with 33g, and Mango Lemonade trails behind those with 32g of sugar, though Mango Lemonade contains cane sugar as its second ingredient with water being the first.

Taking a look at dietary fiber now, Tropical + Carrot has the most with 5g of fiber per serving with Acai + 10 Superblend, Super Greens, and Mango Ginger + Coconut close behind with 3g of fiber per serving. The rest of the Bolthouse Farms juices have little to no fiber. Similarly, none of the juices are packed with protein, with Orange + Carrot and Organic Carrot containing the most fiber with just 2g per serving.

As I said at the top of this post, I haven’t tried any of these Bolthouse Farms juices before, so I can’t comment on the taste of any of them. What I can say is that the Mango Coconut Splash has definitely piqued my interest. It sounds like it could be good drink to have post-workout, made from mostly water, coconut water, and sweetened with stevia.