Onnit Ab Wheel Now Available

Onnit Ab Wheel Now AvailableYou’re probably looking at the ab wheel to the left and thinking that Onnit has gone and jumped the shark this time. Those old ab wheels are a remnant of the 1950s when people didn’t know anything about exercise. What’s next, Onnit-branded butt shakers where you strap the belt around your waist and vibrate off the pounds? Unlikely, since that device was nothing more than snake oil, but apparently this ab wheel is not.

According to the company, the Onnit Ab Wheel is actually one of the most efficient ways to give your abs a great workout. Perhaps the reason more companies haven’t released similar devices is because the public’s perception is that ab wheels are just a gimmick. Onnit is looking to change all that though with the release of the Onnit Ab Wheel.

On the Onnit Ab Wheel product page you can see Onnit CEO Aubrey Marcus demonstrating the ab wheel. It’s pretty straightforward and exactly what you’d expect. You need about five to seven feet of flat space in each direction. This way you can work out your abs by rolling forward, but mix things up and roll out to each side as well.

The Onnit Ab Wheel isn’t being marketed as some late night informercial wonder product that will give you amazing abs after using it for just five minutes a day. The Onnit Ab Wheel was designed to be integrated into your existing exercise routine and for circuit training. At under $10 per Ab Wheel, it’s not expensive to give one a try and see why Onnit calls it the “opposite of an ab gimmick”.