How to Do the Mountain Climber Exercise

How to Do the Mountain Climber ExerciseI’m a big fan of exercises that you can do wherever you are without the use of any exercise equipment. I’ve written before about this topic, including how to do pull-ups on a door and how to do hindu or body weight squats. Another exercise in the same vein is the mountain climber exercise.

Mountain climbers are a great cardiovascular workout and you only need about as much room as it would take to do a push-up. So really, you don’t need much room at all. You could do mountain climbers in your living room during commercial breaks while watching TV or even in your hotel room when you’re on vacation.

To perform a mountain climber, you start on the ground in the push-up position. You then bring your left knee up towards your chest, almost as if you’re running or climbing a tree or mountain, hence the name. You then bring the left leg back to its original position, and repeat with the right leg. Continue this running motion for as long as you can. For me, it’s no longer than a minute before I’m crumpled on the ground gasping for breath.

The mountain climber exercise targets the abdominal muscles and leg muscles as well. It also exercises your arm muscles as well since you’re supporting your body weight during the entire exercise. It’s not easy, but no exercise that truly works out your body and provides results will be.

Check out a YouTube video of someone performing the mountain climber exercise after the break.