How to Do Shrimp Squats

How to Do Shrimp SquatsContinuing with yesterday’s theme of exercises you can do anywhere without any equipment, I bring to you the shrimp squat. I wrote before about body weight or hindu squats, and this is in the same vein. However, many people feel that this is one of the most difficult body weight exercises you can do, and I wouldn’t disagree with those folks.

To perform the easiest version of the shrimp squat, you start by getting in the kneeling position with one leg up and one leg behind you with your knee and foot on the ground. The best way to describe this without showing you is to imagine what Tim Tebow does when he gets on the ground and prays. The difference being that you keep your arms out straight in front of you, and then raise yourself up off the ground with your one leg, not letting your other foot touch the ground. It takes great balance and is very difficult, even from this beginner position.

The intermediate variation on the shrimp squat starts out in a similar fashion, but you only let your knee touch the ground when you begin and go back down. The shin and foot do not touch the ground. For the most difficult version of the shrimp squat, you start much like the intermediate version, but you grab a hold of your rear foot and pull it in towards your body as if you’re stretching it. You then raise your body up to a standing position and go back down. Repeat for as long as you can alternating legs.

Shrimp squats are a great exercise for working out your legs and to help improve your balance as well. These are very demanding on the body and it will take time before you’ll be able to work up towards tackling the advanced version of shrimp squats. If you’re looking for a new exercise to challenge you physically, give them a try!

Check out a video demonstrating the beginner and intermediate version of shrimp squats after the jump.

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