Joe Rogan Questions Everything Trailer

Joe Rogan Questions Everything TrailerWhile this doesn’t exactly fit in with the theme of the blog, I wanted to share with you the trailer for Joe Rogan’s new television show Joe Rogan Questions Everything. His new show debuts next week and from what I can tell, Joe spends each episode investigating things that fall into the realms of the paranormal or the unexplained. Joe has mentioned on his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience about looking for UFOs and bigfoot during the production of JRQE, which has me pretty stoked since I still have a copy of In Search of Bigfoot narrated by Leonard Nemoy on VHS! And I don’t even own a VCR!

This trailer for Joe Rogan Questions Everything was posted by the SyFy Channel on YouTube a week ago, but it only came to my attention yesterday which is why I’m sharing it with you guys now. Check it out after the jump.