Onnit 2 Pood Gorilla Primal Bell Kettlebell Released!

Onnit 2 Pood Gorilla Primal Bell Kettlebell Released!The day has finally come! The two pood (72 lb.) Onnit gorilla primal bell kettlebell has finally been released! Without any fanfare (read: Onnit never emailed me about it) the new two pood ape primal bell has been added to the Onnit website and it is in stock and ready to ship. The one pood (36 lb.) chimp primal bell has also been restocked and is available to be purchased as well.

This new gorilla primal bell is made from the same high quality coated iron as the original Onnit kettlebells and the chimp primal bell too. It is highly resistant to both rust and chipping, so whether you choose to actually use the primal bell for working out, or if you’re buying one simply to display and admire, it will look good for years to come. You’ll probably die before the primal bell wears out. They’re that tough.

In terms of looks, the new ape primal bell has also been 3D scanned like the chimp primal bell, and it has been perfectly sculpted to ensure that it’s balanced. This means that there’s no learning curve going from a traditional round kettlebell to a new primal bell. When you’re using it, the primal bell will feel balanced and you’ll be able to swing it around just like a regular kettlebell. And, when you’re done working out, you don’t need to hide them away in the closet. Keep them out in the open, use them as a door stop or paper weight. They’re a conversation starter for sure!

Both the original one pood chimp primal bell and the two pood gorilla primal bell are available ONLY at the Onnit website and are available for a limited time. When they’re gone, there’s no telling if or when they’ll be back in stock. I’ve already ordered one. My chimp primal bell is lonely and needs a friend!

Check out a 360 degree view of the new gorilla primal bell below:

Onnit Gorilla Primal Bell 360 Degree View