Why I Miss Cigarettes

Why I Miss CigarettesThere are many reasons why smoking is awful for you and everyone knows what they are. Aside from all the negative effects on your health, they can make you feel like shit and make you smell even worse. I used to smoke up to a pack a day, and aside from all the bad things about smoking, there are some reasons why I miss smoking.

For one, cigarettes help suppress your appetite. That’s likely why so many models smoke. You wake up, light up a smoke, and you’re good for an hour or so. Have another one and a cup of coffee, and you don’t even really feel that hungry. I would go hours and hours on just coffee and cigarettes and would feel fine. At that point in my life, I was around 140 lbs. and stood 6′ tall, which is probably unhealthy. But I looked good!

Another thing I miss about smoking is the boost in energy and focus. I found that smoking a cigarette was like a kick in my ass that would help me focus on whatever it was I was doing, whether it was cleaning my house, writing a blog post, or whatever other task was at hand. I would also use cigarettes as a reward, allowing myself to have one whenever I completed another chore on my to-do list for the day.

Obviously I realize that quitting smoking was a wise decision and that my body would thank me in the long run. Nevertheless, there are times when I wish that I could light one up to help curb my appetite or use them as motivation to complete a list of tasks that I need to finish. Still, the negatives outweigh any positives, and now I have to look for other healthier ways to help curb my appetite and to keep me motivated to work throughout each day. Believe it or not, things like Alpha Brain and Shroom Tech Sport can help in the areas of energy and focus, but I do miss the ritual of lighting one up each morning with a hot cup of coffee.