Misfit Wearables Shine Activity Tracker

Misfit Wearables Shine Activity TrackerLast week I wrote about the iPhone 5 and why I was buying it. I currently have an iPhone 4S and the improved motion tracking capabilities of the new iPhone definitely piqued my interest, as it could replace those activity trackers like the Nike Fuel Band and FitBit. But then I discovered something else. Another activity tracker I hadn’t seen before: Shine.

Shine is an activity tracker by a company called Misfit Wearables. It looks nothing like what you think an activity tracker would look like, yet it looks exactly like what you think an activity tracker would look like if Apple designed it. The Shine is a shiny metallic miniature UFO-looking device about the size of a quarter and about as tall as a few of them stacked up, though it tapers at the edge. It also has lights that illuminate to tell you your progress or to display the time.

Though having an iPhone 5S with an activity tracker app cuts down on carrying any additional gear when you’re exercising, the miniscule size and weight of the Shine almost makes that a moot point. Plus there are a variety of ways you can attach the Shine to your body when you’re exercising, either with a clip or by attaching it to a (sold seperately, of course) wristband or necklace. On the other hand, because the device is so small and light it is possible to lose it, and from what I hear, rather easily.

But, there are times when you want to keep track of your activities without having your phone on you. Like sleeping, for example. The Shine can easily be clipped to you without affecting your sleep. The Shine is also waterproof, so you can keep track of your activity while you’re swimming, something else you won’t be able to do with an iPhone.

As you can see I’m on the fence about which way to go. Opting for the Misfit Shine is certainly the more economical choice, though I do love an excuse to buy a new phone. Maybe some of my readers who’ve tried activity trackers could chime in with their thoughts? Leave me a comment below and let me know how you keep track of your daily activities!