Improve Your Life in Four Hours with Tim Ferriss

Improve Your Life in Four Hours with Tim FerrissI thought I’ve written about Timothy Ferriss before, but apparently I was confusing him with Dave Asprey. Not too hard I suppose, since I originally heard about both via The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Both men are also authors who specialize in helping others to improve their lives in a wide range of ways.

While Dave Asprey’s hook is calling things Bulletproof (Bulletproof Coffee, The Bulletproof Executive, etc.) Tim Ferriss’ is doing things in four hours. For example, he has a series of books with titles like The 4-Hour Chef, The 4-Hour Body, and The 4-Hour Workweek. But can you actually learn anything or accomplish anything of significance in just four hours?

The truth is you can, and Tim delves into this topic deeper in The Four-Hour Workweek, my favorite of the three. As someone who works a 40-hour week, the idea of doing what Tim Ferriss has done seems impossible, but Tim’s story is inspirational and motivating. Tim managed to go from a $40,000/year job working 80 hours a week to making $40,000/month and working just four hours per week. Sounds incredible, I know. But Tim has laid out the blueprint for leading a life where you can make more money, work less, and spend as much time as possible relaxing and enjoying life.

Onnit is always looking to grow and improve its product line, and now the company is branching out a little further by offering books. At first it was the best-selling books Living Lean and The Living Lean Cookbook by Mike Dolce, and now Tim Ferriss’ New York Times best-selling books can be found alongside Mike Dolce’s at the Onnit website. As is the case with its foods, supplements, and exercise equipment, the books offered by Onnit in its knowledge section are the cream of the crop. No fads, gimmicks, or snake oil.