Onnit Zombie Bell Kettlebell

Onnit Zombie Bell KettlebellUpdate 10/28/13: The Onnit Zombie Bell Kettlebells have now been released! They’re are on the Onnit website, there are four varieties, and they are limited in stock! If you’ve been wanting one of these, now’s the time to jump on them before they’re gone!

I’m a fan of zombie movies and I have been for years. The ironic zombie trend became tired years ago as far as I’m concerned and it can die at any time now–no pun intended. That being said, Onnit is hopping on the zombie bandwagon with the introduction of a new Zombie Bell, and it looks amazing.

What’s a Zombie Bell you ask? Well, it’s just like the Primal Bells that Onnit introduced earlier this year, but instead of using the head of a chimpanzee, gorilla, or an ape, this kettlebell features the head of a zombie. You can pretend it’s a severed zombie head that you swing around to prepare for the impending zombie apocalypse.

Like the Primal Bells that came before it, the Onnit Zombie bell is crafted from chip-resistant iron and it features an enlarged handle for enhanced grip strength. It’s also perfectly balanced, so the Zombie Bell not only looks badass, it’s functional as a traditional kettlebell, or as a piece of artwork.

It’s not known currently whether the Onnit Zombie Bell will be available for purchase, but I’ll let you guys know if and when it does become available. In the meantime, head over to the Onnit Labs Facebook page where you can enter the Zombie Sweepstakes to win a zombie survival kit package that includes the Zombie Bell, a steel mace, a new Onnit zombie T-shirt, Alpha Brain, and a couple zombie survival books as well.