What is Defense Soap?

What is Defense Soap?Like a lot of things related to health and fitness, I first heard about Defense Soap while listening to The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. If I remember correctly, Eddie Bravo and Joe were talking about the soap and how essential it is to those who train wrestling and/or Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I remember wondering at the time “what is Defense Soap and can I use it if I don’t train?” but then my mind drifted to something else and I forgot about it completely. Fortunately my mind was refreshed recently when Onnit sent me an email to let me know it’s now stocking Defense Soap on its webstore.

To answer my first question, Defense Soap is a product that was designed specifically for those who participate in sports like jiu-jitsu and wrestling where sweaty participants roll around with one another. The reason this soap is so important to wrestlers and BJJ practitioners is that it can help fight off the microbial skin infections that commonly infect participants of these sports. I’m not talking about dry skin either, though Defense Soap can help with that. I’m talking about more serious skin infections and skin ailments like ringworm, impetigo, athlete’s foot, jock itch, lice, dandruff, and acne. Defense Soap can do all this in a way you probably wouldn’t think of.

We’ve all heard how the proliferance of anti-bacterial soaps has actually changed bacteria. They’re now resistant to our traditional antibiotics, and as a result, we’re now more prone to sickness. Furthermore, while anti-bacterial soaps kill 99.95% of all the bad germs and microbes we come in contact with each day, that number also includes all the good microbes that our bodies need. Yes, our bodies have their own natural “security systems” in the form of natural flora that can help fight off things like ringworm and athlete’s foot. Traditional soap kills this natural flora, but Defense Soap is powerful enough to control the bad microbes you come in contact with each day, while preserving this healthy flora.

If that wasn’t appealing enough, Defense Soap is also free of alcohol and chemicals like triclosan. It’s an organic product that’s made in the good ol’ U-S of A, crafted from natural tea tree and eucalyptus oils. You don’t need to be an athlete to use it, either. You just need to want a healthy, natural alternative to anti-bacterial soaps that are loaded with chemicals that ultimately do more harm than good. And that’s precisely what Defense Soap can deliver.