What is Soylent?

What is Soylent?Today I heard about Soylent for the first time, but apparently it’s been a bit of a “thing” on the Internet for a while now. At it’s core, Soylent is a beverage you drink each day in place of eating food. You can survive by drinking only Soylent as it was created to include all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients one would need, but in an efficient delivery system.

Soylent is the creation of 24 year old software developer by the name of Rob Rhinehart. Rob was looking for a way to lead a healthier lifestyle without having to spend more time cooking nutritious meals. His quest ultimately led him to develop Soylent. He now drinks 2.5 L of Soylent each day and rarely eats food.

As for whether it’s healthy, Rob says that he spent a lot of time researching exactly what humans need to survive. He then purchased these vitamins, nutrients, and minerals in their raw forms, and along with other ingredients beneficial to humans, Rob concocted the recipe for Soylent after much tweaking and fine-tuning. When mixed, Soylent is a relatively odorless, thick beige liquid.

Incredibly, Soylent has become quite popular. Rhinehart launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to mass produce Soylent and managed to raise over $300,000 to date, and then received an additional $1.5 million dollars from investors. The goal is to hire a culinary director who can refine the recipe and work towards improving the taste and texture. After the recipe has been perfected, it should be available for anyone to buy at a cost of about $230 per month.

Since word of Soylent first spread, users have flocked to the official Soylent messageboard where they discuss the beige sludge and share their own recipes.

Reinhard and Soylent drinkers report a wide range of benefits from moving to a Soylent-based diet, including weight loss, improved mood, better cognition, and an overall boost in energy levels. A blog post on Rob’s website outlines this in greater detail.

As much as I’d love to shed excess pounds and feel better, I’m not sure if I could give up food. There’s something comforting about sitting down to your favorite meal that cannot be replaced with a bottle of Soylent.

What do you think?