What is Caveman Coffee?

What is Caveman Coffee?As usual, I first heard about Caveman Coffee and the Caveman Coffee Co. via Joe Rogan on his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience and via his Twitter account. This had me curious because Joe’s always been a big fan of Bulletproof Coffee and now he’s promoting something else. To complicate matters further, the Caveman Coffee he was drinking on his podcast was made the same way as Bulletproof Coffee: with butter!

After a little digging I discovered that Caveman Coffee Co. was started by Tait Fletcher (friend of Joe Rogan; stuntman; former MMA fighter) with former UFC fighter Keith Jardine. Tait also happens to be a friend of Dave Asprey, the man behind Bulletproof Coffee. Without getting into all the drama that there appears to be between Tait and Dave, Tait seems to be taking Dave’s approach to coffee and putting his own spin on it.

Caveman Coffee Co. sells two types of coffee along with Bulletproof-esque accoutrements like MCT oil and butter for the coffee. One of the coolest items at the CCC website is the coffee bell, which is a kettlebell-shaped coffee mug.

So is Caveman Coffee as good as Bulletproof Coffee? I can’t state my personal preference as I’ve never had Caveman Coffee, but I imagine it’s quite similar since both are supposed to be prepared in a similar manner. Both are also purported to be very high quality beans with little-to-no traces of mycotoxins and mold.

But is Caveman Coffee as healthy as Bulletproof Coffee? That’s the million dollar question. According to Joe Rogan, Tait had Caveman Coffee tested and it came back mycotoxin free while the sample of Bulletproof Coffee Tait provided for testing had traces of mold. Dave says this is likely because Tait used an inferior form of testing. Who knew coffee could be so dramatic?

At any rate, Caveman Coffee is now on my radar and it’s something I’ll keep an eye on. I’m considering giving it a try once the results of the testing compared to Bulletproof Coffee are released. I’m also very curious about the White Gold beans at the CCC. I don’t think I’ve ever had coffee made from white beans before!

At the end of the day, it’s all about choices. Dave can do his thing, and while it might be just a little questionable that his friend decided to start his own coffee company that’s a little too similar to Dave’s, Tait’s putting his own spin on it. For us consumers, more options is a good thing!