Do I Need to Wear My Fitbit on My Wrist?

Do I Need to Wear My Fitbit on My Wrist?There are many styles of Fitbit activity trackers. Some simply clip onto your clothes, while the two most advanced and latest iterations of the Fitbit come with rubber wristbands. In these wristbands you slide in the tiny activity tracker so you have easy access to view your progress throughout the day.

But the newest version of the Fitbit, the Fitbit Force, has been recalled. Apparently a lot of people were getting skin irritations and rashes from the material used to construct the wristband. This lead me to wonder, do I need to wear my Fitbit on my wrist inside the included wristband?

Now, I don’t have the newest version of the Fitbit. I actually have the model that’s one generation older, the Fitbit Flex. Although this particular model is missing some features of the newer Fitbit Force–most notably the ability to count stairs climbed and an OLED screen–the overall shape and size of the unit is virtually identical.

While I do love my Fitbit, I don’t necessarily love wearing it on my wrist. I haven’t worn a watch in years, and don’t really like having anything on my wrist. The somewhat bulky wristband is always sliding down my wrist and the way the wristband attaches isn’t as secure as wearing a watch. Also, I use my smartphone to check my progress throughout the day rather than tapping on the LED display to view my progress.

For these reasons I wondered if I had to wear the wristband at all, or if I could slide the device out of the wristband and simply keep it in my pocket. The majority of the time I wear jeans, so the small coin pocket on my jeans seemed like the perfect place to keep my Fitbit secure while I went about my day.

So, to answer my original question, no, you don’t have to wear your Fitbit Flex or Fitbit Force in the wristband. In fact, the official Fitbit website even says that you don’t have to wear it in the wristband. Simply take it out of the wristband, pop it into a pocket in your pants, shirt, dress, or shorts, and go about your day. So long as it’s secure and on your body at all times, it will continue to accurately count and measure your activity throughout the day.