Onnit Introduces New Bamboo T-Shirts

Onnit Introduces New Bamboo T-ShirtsI’ve written about Onnit’s T-shirts in the past, specifically how much I like them. I love the colorful designs and appreciate how they don’t turn you into a walking billboard. They have large, colorful, bold artwork on the front with minimal Onnit branding.

Now, Onnit has introduced a line of premium T-shirts featuring the same graphics, but the shirts are made with a blend of bamboo and cotton. Why bamboo? Bamboo shirts are softer for one thing, and bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth, so there’s the whole eco-friendly thing going on too. You can feel good about wearing a shirt from a sustainable material, and look good too.

Currently, just the Zombie design and the Apex Predator shark design are available in the premium bamboo option. Since Onnit has a number of T-shirt designs available, I expect that more bamboo shirts will be made available in the near future, though I have no confirmation on this. It only makes sense though.

Head over to the Onnit Labs webpage if you’re interested in a badass T-shirt that is soft enough that a baby could comfortably wear it. Just because you’re a tough guy it doesn’t mean you need to wrap yourself in leather and denim 24/7.