What is the Best Time to Take Alpha Brain?

What is the Best Time to Take Alpha Brain?When it comes to supplements and when to take them, it can be pretty clear depending on what the supplement is. Shroom Tech Sport, for example, is something that you want to consume prior to any activity where you will be exerting yourself physically, so before jiu jitsu class, before kettlebells, or before playing basketball.

Alpha Brain on the other hand, it’s a little different. There are so many effects that Alpha Brain has it can be hard to nail down the perfect time of day to take the supplement. So what is the best time of day to take Alpha Brain?

Unfortunately there is no clear answer. The answer I suppose is really “it depends.” Are you hoping to achieve lucid dreams during bedtime? If so, I would take a couple an hour or two before you hit the hay. Are you looking for help focusing while studying? Take one or two before you plan on hitting the books. If you just want an overall improvement in cognition throughout the day, maybe pop a couple Alpha Brains right after you wake up.

As you can see, there could be a few times per day when you would want the benefits of Alpha Brain, whether it’s the increase in focus and mental acuity or lucid dreams. And it’s perfectly fine to take a couple Alpha Brains at different times throughout the day. Joe Rogan has been known to pop four at one time before recording a podcast, so the average person taking four throughout the day shouldn’t be an issue.