Why Tim Kennedy Hates MusclePharm

Why Tim Kennedy Hates MusclePharmOn a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Joe had on UFC middleweight fighter Tim Kennedy. At the beginning of the podcast Joe was going through his commercials as he usually does, and he started talking about Onnit products when Tim chimed in with his thoughts on supplements, Onnit, and MusclePharm.

If you’re not familiar with MusclePharm, it’s a large American supplement company which has a long-standing relationship with the UFC. It’s actually “the official nutritional supplement provider of the UFC” according to the UFC’s website. So you’d think that two people who currently work for the UFC wouldn’t have anything negative to say about a big sponsor, would you? If you said yes, you’d be wrong.

Joe was talking about how it would be nice if Onnit could advertise its supplements in the UFC but that MusclePharm had a monopoly on that space. That’s when Tim spoke up and said he wouldn’t mind the advertising and sponsorship if MusclePharm made good products, but in his opinion, it doesn’t.

Joe laughed and asked him why he said that, and Tim expanded on his thoughts in a big way.

Tim feels that MusclePharm offers the typical pre-workout and post-workout supplements and protein “toilet stuff” that jack your heart rate up before you exercise. He said they taste like plastic and they’re loaded with sugar and that he’s never had a good experience with any MusclePharm product.

Of course, Tim also echoed Joe’s sentiments that Onnit makes far superior products with better ingredients. While this is true, it should be noted that Tim is one of a handful of athletes who is sponsored by Onnit, though he does not wear the Onnit logo in the Octagon during his fights. But that doesn’t mean that Tim isn’t using Onnit products while he’s fighting.

In fact, Tim said that because of Alpha Brain, he’s able to focus on the coaches in his corner when he’s fighting and “execute what they [are] saying” more efficiently. When he was fighting Rafael Natal, he was able to do what his coaches told him to, leading him to finish that fight with a first round knockout.

Outside the Octagon, Tim takes Shroom Tech Sport to helpĀ “push [him]self that much further” through his three or four workouts per day, and he takes Hemp Force protein powder because it “disguises the flavors of the stuff [he doesn’t] want to eat“.

The rest of the Tim Kennedy interview on The Joe Rogan Experience was entertaining and insightful, and although I’ve never cared for Tim as a fighter, I did grow to like the guy for who he is as a person, and because he wasn’t scared to speak his mind about products advertised by the UFC.