Why Hemp Protein is Better than Whey Protein

Why Hemp Protein is Better than Whey ProteinWhether you’re an athlete or just a regular guy who’s looking to add a little protein extra protein to your diet, you may have considered trying a protein powder supplement. They’re so versatile because as a powder, it’s easy to stir it into some oatmeal you’re eating or add a couple scoops to your morning smoothie. The difficult part could be choosing the type of protein powder to use.

For many bodybuilders and weight lifters, the obvious choice is a whey-based protein powder. With so many different brands and types of whey-based protein powder on the market, whey must be the best option, right? Not necessarily. Whey protein is a good source of protein, but it does have its downsides.

Joe Rogan has stated many times on his podcast that he’s tried a lot of whey protein powders over the years and they all lead to bloating. Whey protein is hard for the body to digest and the result of this is bloating and discomfort. If you’re intolerant to dairy products, you won’t be able to consume whey protein, as it’s made from an isolated liquid during the production of cheese.

Whey protein powder also tends to be loaded with sugars, artificial colors and flavors, and they’re usually devoid of anything else healthy. If you’re looking for protein to bulk up, whey is a good choice, but it’s not a healthy one.

At the other end of the spectrum is hemp protein powder, such as Onnit’s Hemp Force ChocoMaca and Vanill-Acai protein powder. Both varities are made from hemp seeds imported from Canada, are high in fiber, easily digestible so you won’t get cramps, they’re free of dairy, lactose, and soy, are a good source of essential fatty acids, and they only contain natural ingredients.

If you’re going to choose a protein powder, why not choose one that’s full of stuff that’s actually good for you rather than stuff that can make you feel bad?

This post was inspired by a great infographic posted on the Onnit Academy blog that illustrates the benefits of hemp protein over whey. Check it out for more information.