Health Benefits of MCT Oil

Health Benefits of MCT OilI’ve written about MCT oil quite a bit on my blog, from using it in your butter coffee recipes to integrating it into your diet in other ways. One aspect of MCT oil that I haven’t touched on very much is why you would want to take MCT oil, and what the health benefits of this oil exactly are.

The first time I heard about MCT oil was through Dave Asprey, who is now selling his MCT oil under the name of “Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil,” for whatever reason. At any rate, Dave states that the benefits of MCT oil compared to other fats or oils is that the body converts MCT oil into energy faster than other oils. This can result in increased energy, stamina, and performance during physical activities.

If you’re the type of person who takes a lot of vitamins and supplements each day, adding a spoonful or two of MCT oil to your daily regimen could be beneficial. The addition of MCT oil can help your body with the absorption of these nutrients. In fact, MCT oil is given to people who have trouble absorbing nutrients, such as people who suffer from cystic fibrosis or diabetes.

MCT oil can also help with the brain. Much like our bodies need fuel for performance, so does our brain. MCT oil has such a positive impact on brain function and health, studies have shown that it can help reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. These ketones are created by the liver when MCT oil is ingested.

There are also a number of weight loss benefits to MCT oil–far too many to cover here in this blog post, actually. Check back in a couple of days for a separate post outlining some of the ways that MCT oil can help you lose weight.