RollOn, RollOver, and AlphaNail: Onnit’s Embarrassing Origins

RollOn, RollOver, and AlphaNail: Onnit's Embarrassing OriginsIn honor of Memorial Day, let’s take a look back at a few Onnit products that are no more.

If your knowledge of Onnit is limited only to what the company has been introducing over the past year or so, you may not have heard about these three products that are no longer offered by Onnit. These include RollOn, RollOver, and AlphaNail.

First, let’s explore RollOn and RollOver. I had heard about these products before but forgot about them until Joe talked about them on a podcast recently. What is now known as New Mood began as RollOn and RollOver, and both were marketed as supplements to take before and after taking MDMA, more commonly known as Molly or ecstasy.

Onnit RollOn and RollOver

The idea behind RollOn and RollOver is that your body and brain is going to go through some shit when you take Molly. Joe has said before that after taking Molly, he wasn’t the same person the next day. He was unable to concentrate, had difficulty reading, and his brain felt like a dry sponge. There’s also the toll the body takes after taking ecstasy, since users are likely to stay up all night at a party or “rave” dancing.

RollOn was designed to be taken before any drugs to prepare you for a long night of partying, providing you with a cocktail of vitamins and nutrients to ensure you don’t crash throughout the night. RollOver is taken after the partying to restore serotonin, ease your cramped muscles, and to relax your mind.

It’s not hard to see why Onnit morphed these two products into new formulas. I can’t imagine that any legitimate company would want to be known for selling products designed to be taken before and after consuming illegal drugs.

If RollOn and RollOver seem unbelievable, you haven’t seen nothing yet.

Back in 2011, Onnit introduced its first alpha-branded product: AlphaNail. No, it’s not a supplement designed to give you strong finger and toenails. It’s literally nail polish designed for men.

Onnit AlphaNail

Aubrey Marcus (or Chris as he was known back then, before his life-changing drug trip that led him to change his name to Aubrey) said that Alpha Nails would make “men’s nails strong” while allowing them to maintain their “alpha male swagger” and help the male become more noticeable. We all know that when a male is noticed more, the more he “humps”. That last part is Onnit’s marketing jargon, not mine. If that wasn’t enough, it was also suggested that the wearer “”paint one hand matte black, and one hand metallic black and ask a girl which she likes better.” Why you ask? “Bang. You’re in the GAME.”

If it all sounds pretty ridiculous, it is. Just do a Google search for “alphanail” and you’ll see some of the marketing used for the product, which includes half-naked women and muscular, tattooed MMA fighters. It’s hard to believe that Aubrey would release something so bizarre, but all companies have to start somewhere.

I realize this post is totally cringe worthy, but it’s an entertaining look back at how far Aubrey and Onnit have come as a company. I’m glad he decided to ditch the marketing that targets douchebag alpha males who are into drugs/partying/humping and focus on developing products that truly help people of all ages and sexes live healthier better lives.