What Type of Office Chair Does Joe Rogan Use?

What Type of Office Chair Does Joe Rogan Use?On a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Joe’s producer Brian Redban asked Joe if he was sitting on a yoga ball because it appeared that he wasn’t sitting in a traditional chair. Joe replied that he was actually sitting on a kneeling chair.

Because I was listening to the podcast rather than watching it, I’m not sure if Joe actually showed the watchers the exact chair that he was using. Being unfamiliar with such a chair, I Googled it to learn what a kneeling chair was and to discover what the benefits of a kneeling chair are compared to a traditional chair.

First off, kneeling chairs don’t have a back rest. It looks almost like a broken chair, because there’s a place to sit and a place to kneel on, but there’s nowhere to lean back and relax. This of course is by design and it actually serves a great purpose.

A kneeling chair alters the angle of the body when in the sitting position, resulting in a properly aligned spine. The weight of the body is carried by the body in the area between the knees and the butt rather than the tailbone. If you’re going to be sitting for extended periods of time, such a chair could be easier on your body than a traditional chair that can leave you sore or stiff when sitting for long durations.

As I said, I wasn’t able to see Joe’s exact chair, but kneeling chairs come in a couple varieties. While all lack a back rest, they all have a place for you to sit and an area for your knees and shins to rest and to prevent you from falling out of the chair.

Many of the chairs look like stuffy office chairs that belong in a cubicle, but there are a handful of stylish options as well that would fit in perfectly in any modern household. Best of all, many kneeling chairs are reasonably priced, costing much less than what you would expect to pay for a regular old backbreaking leather executive.