Should You Boil or Steam Kale Before Eating?

Should You Boil or Steam Kale Before Eating?You know fear mongering is getting out of control when there are people out there who are saying that even something like kale can be dangerous. A lot of these people–specifically those who take what Dave Asprey says as gospel–suggest steaming or boiling kale before adding it to your smoothie or else you risk giving yourself kidney stones or thyroid issues.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick was on Joe Rogan’s The Joe Rogan Experience podcast for a second time a month or two ago and Joe brought up the topic. Dr. Patrick was familiar with these claims and broke things down for Joe.

Without getting too technical, Dr. Patrick cited a study that was performed with mice. These mice were fed kale that was cooked or raw. Some mice were given raw kale, others boiled kale, others steamed kale, and some were fed crisped kale. The study found that cooking the kale didn’t affect vitamin and mineral absorption compared to eating raw kale. The mice also didn’t seem to develop kidney stones based on the type of kale that they ate.

It was Dr. Patrick’s opinion that unless you’re eating massive quantities of kale and you’re only juicing rather than eating food, you’re likely fine. She also noted that the thyroid issues are likely only relevant to those who are already deficient in iodine, and that taking an iodine supplement is a good way to balance things out.

So, if you’re like myself, Joe, and thousands of other people who toss a handful of raw kale into your smoothies each day, you’re probably fine, and don’t have to worry about developing kidney stones or thyroid problems.

So keep juicing and don’t worry about eating raw kale. Unless of course you really want to spend all that time boiling, draining, washing, and freezing kale for no reason at all. I know that I don’t.