Is Too Much Fruit Bad for You?

Is Too Much Fruit Bad for You?When you’re trying to watch your weight and eat healthier you may choose to eat more fruits than you otherwise would. They’re great for a snack, make your smoothie taste better, and fruit is like nature’s candy. But a lot of people will tell you that you should limit the amount of fruit that you eat because it’s full of sugar. But is this really true? If you’re trying to lose weight should you avoid eating a lot of fruit?

Joey Diaz generally isn’t someone who I turn to for dieting advice, mainly because he’s 300 lbs. so he must have some issues with food and weight loss. But the other day on his podcast The Church of What’s Happening Now, he dropped a bit of knowledge that I thought was interesting. Joey said that you don’t see anyone who’s overweight say that the reason they’re fat is because they eat too much fruit. No one has ever said “I’m 300 lbs. because I can’t stop eating oranges!” so there’s definitely some truth to what he’s saying.

I think the key to eating fruit is why you’re eating the fruit. If you have a sweet tooth and you’re replacing your Jolly Ranchers or Skittles with blueberries or strawberries, that’s a a good thing! If you skip over the cinnamon buns at your hotel’s continental breakfast to grab an apple, good for you! It’s all about making healthier choices when it comes to your diet and losing weight.

The general rule of thumb for those who want to lead a healthy life is to eat seven to 10 servings of fruits and/or vegetables per day. It’s safe to say that most people aren’t eating that many servings, so if you’re switching out junk food for more fruit, you’re probably fine and don’t need to worry about eating too much fruit. The important thing is that you’re making the healthy choice.