Joe Rogan Says Bulletproof Coffee is Bullshit

Joe Rogan Says Bulletproof Coffee is BullshitIs Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee as good as Dave Asprey says? If you believe Joe Rogan and the guys at Caveman Coffee, the answer is no.

I first wrote about this topic a while back where I discussed how the guys at Caveman Coffee tested Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee beans for mycotoxins to see if they were as clean as Dave Asprey had claimed, and it turned out they weren’t. Joe was relatively quiet on this topic until a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast with Bert Kreischer where Joe got into the topic a little further.

He spoke on this topic in great detail, so I’ll write about this stuff in bullet points because it’s more efficient for me to write it that way and quicker for you to read:

  • Without any evidence, Dave Asprey says that mycotoxin-infected coffee is everywhere.
  • Dave Asprey said that 75% of coffee has mycotoxins and that’s not true.
  • All coffee is essentially mycotoxin free.
  • Mycotoxins are everywhere, in breast milk, in corn, and it’s not an issue.
  • Caveman Coffee and/or Onnit took their coffee and Bulletproof Coffee and had the beans tested. The Caveman Coffee had no mycotoxins (likely due to the wet processing) while Bulletproof Coffee did contain mycotoxins.
  • Two mycotoxins were found in Bulletproof Coffee. They were below threshold levels, meaning the levels of mycotoxins found were essentially insignificant and should cause no concern.
  • This means that whatever processing is used on Bulletproof Coffee does not eliminate all the mycotoxins.
  • Caveman Coffee and/or Onnit spent a lot of money ($4,000) to have four kinds of coffee tested for mycotoxins and none of them had any mycotoxins.
  • Dave Asprey said the test to find mycotoxins was very expensive but it really didn’t cost all that much.
  • This put Joe in a moral dilemma whether to sell Bulletproof Coffee on the Onnit website.
  • Joe decided to continue to sell Bulletproof Coffee on the Onnit website but all misleading information (or Dave Apsrey’s “bullshit” as Joe called it) was removed.
  • Whatever unique method  that Dave Asprey uses to remove mycotoxins isn’t necessary. It is unique to them and it isn’t used by the rest of the coffee world.
  • Joe feels responsible for Bulletproof Coffee and Dave’s misleading advertising gaining popularity because he had Dave on the podcast and it blew up afterwards.
  • Joe says he got fucked by Dave Asprey and feels hoodwinked about Bulletproof Coffee.
  • Dave says Bulletproof Coffee provides cognitive benefits but there’s no mechanism in Bulletproof Coffee that gives a unique benefit. It’s not special.
  • Bulletproof Coffee is not made with genetically modified beans from Mars that make your brain grow. It’s just coffee. It has caffeine in it and caffeine has cognitive benefits and antioxidants that can be beneficial.
  • Dave has no degree in nutritional science.
  • Joe says that Dave’s a parrot repeating things.
  • When Dr. Rhonda Patrick was on Joe’s podcast, she said small levels of mycotoxins could actually be beneficial to the body.
  • Dave said that the children of parents who go through famine live shorter lives. Dr. Rhonda Patrick corrected this on Joe’s podcast and said they actually live longer lives, not shorter.
  • Bulletproof Coffee is hooey.

And there you have it. There’s the truth about Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee, and that’s how Joe Rogan really feels about Bulletproof Coffee and Dave Asprey.