New Onnit Products: Kettlebells, Tank Tops, and an Updated Shaker Bottle

New Onnit Products: Kettlebells, Tank Tops, and an Updated Shaker BottleOnnit dropped a variety of new products recently, though nothing as exciting or revolutionary as the Primal Bells or Zombie Bells. Instead, Onnit has introduced some new traditional kettlebells, some new tank tops, and an updated version of its shaker bottle. Now, let’s examine these things one by one:

  • Strongman Kettlebells – The new Onnit strongman kettlebells are heavy. Like the name implies, to use these things, you’ve got to be strong, man. These new kettlebell sizes are 44 and 48 kg. which works out to just over 97 lbs. and nearly 107 lbs. for each of these kettlebells. I honestly think I would have trouble just lifting the 48 kg. kettlebell off the ground, nevermind swinging it around. For true savages only.
  • Onnit Tank Tops – I seem to mention this whenever I talk about Onnit’s clothes, but they really are well designed without being to bro-y and they don’t make you look like a walking billboard. There’s now a new Primal Chimp tank in black and green, a variety of tanks with Onnit’s new lightning logo, an Onnit Royal Stamp tank, and an Onnit Academy T-shirt, which is probably the only one of the lot that I wouldn’t wear.
  • The Onnit Shaker Bottle – This shaker bottle was recently updated and it now fits in standard cup holders, which is good, since it’s designed for taking your shakes on the go. The bottom of the bottle unscrews and holds protein powder or whatever else you want to mix in with your drink. After you dump these ingredients in with the liquid, you shake it up, and then you’re ready to drink. The bottle has a new and improved strainer inside to ensure that you’re not getting any chunks or dusty bits in your mouth.

A while back Joe mentioned something about a new line of kettlebells Onnit had in the works and I really hope these strongman kettlebells aren’t what he was talking about. I was hoping for something along the lines of the Primal Bells or Zombie Bells, but I imagine a new line of premium sculpted kettlebells would take a long time to develop.

That’s it for now!