Onnit Introduces New and Improved T+ Total Strength and Performance Booster

Onnit Introduces New and Improved T+ Testosterone BoosterJoe Rogan has talked a lot about how Onnit is putting its products to the test to ensure that the company is providing legitimate supplements that will help its customers. Alpha Brain was first subjected to such studies, and then it was Onnit’s T+. The results are in, and the results are surprisingly good.

The testing used on T+ was a double blind placebo test. This means that the people who participated in the test didn’t know if they were receiving a placebo or the T+ product. In addition, the people who were giving the participants the T+ didn’t know which was which. This ensures that there’s no funny business going on during the test that could alter the results.

After a four week test, those who used Onnit T+ demonstrated 36% faster strength gains compared to those who received the placebo.

Curiously, T+ was once marketed as a testosterone boosting supplement prior to this testing. Afterwards, T+ underwent a rebranding and as of today, nowhere on the Onnit website is T+ referred to as testosterone booster. Instead, Onnit T+ is now a “Total Strength +Performance” pre-workout supplement.

The new and improved T+ is made with earth grown nutrients, is made without any GMO ingredients, and it is certified to be drug-free, which is important if you’re an elite-level athlete. The new forumla also has a natural melon flavor, which should please those of you who didn’t care for the taste of the original T+ testosterone booster.

If you’re curious about the Onnit T+ Total Strength +Performance booster, head over to the Onnit website and read more about the product. If you’re ready to buy, it’s priced at $60 for a 420g jug. While you’re at it, grab a bottle of Shroom Tech Sport to put yourself into full on beast mode.