A 360 Degree Comparison of Onnit’s Primal Bells, Zombie Bells, and Legend Bells

One of the biggest sources of traffic to my little blog is from people who are searching for more information about Onnit’s three different lines of specialty kettlebells, the Primal Bells, Zombie Bells, and its newest line, the Legend Bells. While the first two series have been completely released, the newest Legend Bells line is just beginning. The first in the series was the Werewolf Legend Bell and the word on the street is that the Legend Bells will be a line of famous monsters. The next likely release in the Legend Bells line will be a Bigfoot Legend Bell, but that isn’t 100 percent confirmed just yet.

Because the appeal of the Primal, Zombie, and Legend Bells is the appearance of the kettlebells, I decided to dedicate a single blog post to outline each of the bells in each of the lines. Below you’ll find 360 degree views of each of the bells so you can see just how well they’re sculpted and how they look from all sides and angles.

Each of these specialty kettlebells features enlarged handles for increased grip strength and they’re crafted with chip-resistant iron. They’ve all been custom sculpted for Onnit and all are 3D scanned to ensure perfect balance. This means that when you’re using one of the specialty kettlebells for exercising, they’ll perform just as well as a normal kettlebell would but they look infinitely more badass. Of course, if you want to keep them as artistic sculptures to display, you can do that too!

Since the Primal Bells were the first line of specialty kettlebells that Onnit introduced, let’s start with those:

The Onnit Chimp Primal Bell

The Chimp Primal Bell was the first specialty kettlebell released by Onnit. It weighs in at one pood, which is 36 lbs. for those of you who aren’t familiar with archaic weight measurements.

Onnit Primal Bells 360 Degree View

The Onnit Gorilla Primal Bell

The next release in the Onnit Primal Bell line was the Gorilla kettlebell. It’s the heaviest of the bunch, weighing in at a hefty two poods, or 72 lbs.

Onnit Gorilla Primal Bell 360 Degree View

The Onnit Orangutan Primal Bell

The strangest looking of the Primal Bell bunch is the Orangutan Primal Bell with it’s wide face weighing in at 1.5 poods, or 54 lbs.

Onnit Orangutan Primal Bell 360 Degree View

The Onnit Howler Primal Bell

The last in the Primal Bell line was the Howler Primal Bell, and it was also the lightest of the bunch, weighing in at a scant half pood, or 18 lbs.

Onnit The Howler Primal Bell Kettlebell 360 Degree View

Around Halloween last year Onnit introduced the Zombie Bells. If I remember correctly, it dropped all of these at once rather than releasing them slowly one by one. Unfortunately these are no longer available and Onnit didn’t post any 360 degree views of these bad boys. I believe that now that they’re all sold out, they won’t be made again. So if you didn’t buy one in time, you’re out of luck I’m afraid.

The Onnit Zombie Bells

From left to right we have the Mega Dead Zombie Bell weighing 72 lbs. followed by the Ghostface Thrilla tipping the scales at 54 lbs. followed by the Staple Head Zombie Bell weighing 36 lbs. and finally the Brain Goblin is the smallest of the bunch weighing 18 lbs.

Onnit Zombie Bells Kettlebells

Joe Rogan has a fascination with large hairy monsters, and if you’re a religious listener of his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, you probably already know this. He has a giant life-size replica of a werewolf in his podcast studio, and he went looking for Bigfoot in his television series Joe Rogan Questions Everything. What the other two Legend Bells will be I do not know, but I’m sure they will be just as awesome as the other Onnit specialty kettlebells.

The Onnit Werewolf Legend Bell

The first in the Legend Bell line doesn’t seem to follow the weight pattern set by the other two kettlebell lines. The Werewolf Legend Bell weighs in at 28kg, or 62 lbs. I’m not exactly sure why Onnit chooses to weigh some in poods, all in pounds, and then the Legend Bells in kilograms. Not that it matters, but it’s just something that I noticed.

Onnit Werewolf Legend Bell Kettlebell 360 Degree View

And there we have it guys! A complete guide to the different sizes and weights of the specialty kettlebells along with 360 degree views of each of the ones that are still for sale. For those of you who glossed over the words in the rest of the blog post but you’re reading this summary, the Primal Bells are all currently available and can be purchased as a bundle for a discounted price. The Zombie Bells are sold out and as far as I know will not be made available again. The Legend Bells line is just starting and it’s unknown how many kettlebells will be made available in this line, nor is it known if this is a limited edition like the Zombie Bells.